Month: July 2014

Black Natural Hair Movement: Reflections on Self-Hate, Self-Esteem, Self- Definition and Ignorance

I am not going to lie. I felt a little anxiety when my wife (a.k.a. maximuslyricus, prolific commenter and fairly well-known naturalista on YouTube) decided to take the plunge several years ago and “go natural”.  My level of… Read More

Sticky: Welcome To Race Relations was created to give visitors a web site where people can read essays on race that depict all kinds of racial issues in a forthright, thoughtful, honest, sober, but sometimes lighthearted environment. Perhaps you are involved in… Read More

Racism In America Must End!

Blacks, as well as other racial minorities, have been fighting for true equality in America since the birth of this nation. At this point in America’s ambivalent history, the battle for social and economic equality still continues for… Read More