Sticky: Welcome To Race Relations was created to give visitors a web site where people can read essays on race that depict all kinds of racial issues in a forthright, thoughtful, honest, sober, but sometimes lighthearted environment. Perhaps you are involved in an interracial relationship on a personal, social, or professional level and have often felt awkward about asking a member of another race about real and perceived cultural differences.  Maybe you have been reluctant to ask certain questions due to fear of being misunderstood, looking foolish, getting into a verbal altercation, or even worse.  As time goes on, Race Relations hopes to address some of your questions, or at least give you the courage to overcome your own personal obstacles, so that you can begin to feel comfortable with exploring the feelings of members of different races and ethnic groups.

Perhaps you have been a victim of racial profiling , institutional racism, or some other form of racial discrimination or outright racism. Race Relations may be the catalyst for you to share your thoughts, and be enriched or enlightened by the thoughts of others. Of course when speaking on racial issues, such as racism  in America or other areas of the world, there are many varied opinions.  Many beliefs and thoughts about race are based solely on hate, false characterizations, stereotypes  and/or misunderstanding.  Race Relations hopes to winnow out the ignorance that causes division, build bridges to common ground, and ultimately promote multiculturalism and ethnic diversity.

I ask you to read the vignettes and longer essays on race with an open mind. Though you may not agree with every point that I make, remember that the ultimate purpose of Race Relations is to facilitate racial harmony, and make the world a better place.

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