Hotel Rwanda: A depiction of all that is wrong with too many blacks

I just saw Hotel Rwanda for the very first time, and it was very enlightening, thought provoking and disturbing. To think that Belgians were in many ways the architects of intraracial discrimination and self hatred by delineating the Rwandan people by height and nose width—and then the Rwandans just embraced this distinction—is incredulous. But it happened. Of course there are other supposed differences from what I have gathered from my research online, but there are truly no meaningful distinctions.

The methods that the Belgians used to divide and exploit the ancestors of the present day Rwandans  seem eerily similar to how the slave masters and overseers  used skin color to divide the house slaves and the field slaves in America.  To this day, Americans—black and white—have perpetuated divisions between light-skinned and dark-skinned  African Americans.  The effects are still pervasive as is evidenced by “A Girl Like Me”, a documentary made by Kiri Davis.  Fortunately for African Americans, this subtle and insidious form of intraracial discrimination and self hatred never ran as deep as that which caused a civil war in Rwanda.  And the effects of civil war are still being felt in Rwanda today.

It seems to me that the extremist Hutu groups that started the genocide against the Tutsis (and Hutus who were supposed Tutsi sympathizers) couldn’t even tell who was Tutsi and Hutu without looking at their ID. It’s crazy. Many of them intermarried anyway, so what was the real difference? The intraracial discrimination that led to the genocide, when you get right down to the basics, was ultimately based on how whites originally decided to split the people up. And the blacks fell for it. Unbelievable! And then decades later, many of the powers that be who were mostly white stood by while the genocide took place. Man, oh man! This is too much.

Blacks all over the world need to stop separating themselves, discriminating against one another, and killing each other over tribal, cultural and ethnic differences because all blacks have African blood, and all blacks “don’t fall too far from the tree”, so to speak, if blacks’ hateful and hurtful actions towards one another are any indication. Too many other races discriminate against blacks, all over the world, for a myriad of reasons that are often rooted in stereotypes and misinformation for blacks to display such self hatred for people of their own race. The Rwanda High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Protogene Nsengumuremyi, recently said that the Rwanda has left all of that hate behind to build a more prosperous country.  Let us all hope so, because  intraracial discrimination is arguably one of the core reasons why blacks the world over lag behind in social, political and economic viability compared to other racial groups.  If Rwanda has truly risen above its own history of intraracial discrimination and violence, then perhaps Rwanda can be a shining example to other peoples and countries that ignorantly depress themselves by depressing their own.

We will see.

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