Race-Related Definitions

Coming up with your own definitions about words dealing with race relations requires a little bit of mental gymnastics. The meanings of words can be so similar, but so nuanced, that it can be likened to a reflection of the nebulous thing that is true racial identity on a genetic level. Within the melting pot that is America, this truth about the lack of clarity of a person”s racial make-up is even more poignant.


Definition of  Culture

Definition of  Ethnic Diversity 

Definition of  Ethnicity

Definition of  Institutional Racism

Definition of  Interracial Discrimination (also Inter-racial Discrimination)

Definition of  Intraracial Discrimination (also Intra-racial Discrimination)

Definition of  Multicultural (also Multi-cultural)

Definition of  Race

Definition of  Race Relations

Definiition of Racial Discrimination

Definition of  Racial Profiling

Definition of  Racism

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